Indian Royalty was known for its fabulous wealth .The Maharajahs of India were avid collectors of precious designs from jewelry, cars to textiles . They patronized famous small European houses such as Bvulgari, Cartier, Faberge and Rolls Royce all over Europe long before they even became famous as International houses of fashion and trends. In fact …Maharajah J . Singh ruler of Kapurthalla from 1877- 1949 and Maharajah Hari Singh ruler of Jammu and Kashmir from 1909-1961 were among the most prominent patrons of Louis Vuitton and Cartier!

As wealth started growing among Royalty so did the fashion of fabrics .Weavers from all India started experimenting with lavish fabrics and designs catering for the rich. Among these creations was the BEAUTIFUL PASHMINA .Even though the Pashmina has been around for decades, Weavers started creating this fabric so soft and beautiful that even a simple ring finger could pass through without any hesitation. With the beautiful sheen and drape of exclusive Pashmina came various variations from plain to embroidery .

As European Aristocracy started discovering exotic India, Maharajahs hired local weavers and fiber artists to create absolutely breathtaking Pashminas all done by various artists from north India using completely hand embroidered and hand loomed techniques. Many of these shawls were then given as gifts of exuberant taste to European upper classes.

From this started the huge International trend of gorgeous Pashmina and Kashmir shawls within Europe. To OWN a true Kashmir Shawl or Pashmina was considered a symbol of extreme wealth.