In the high altitude desert of LADAKH – a region in Kashmir about 15,000 feet above sea level lives a nomadic tribe called the ‘CHANGPA‘. For hundreds of years this tribe has been rearing a highly pedigreed breed of goat called ‘CHANGRA‘ commonly known as the PASHMINA GOAT.

Mother Nature has protected naturally this goat from its harsh and brutal environment by gifting it with a special hair that is one sixth as fine as human hair. The classic Kashmir Pashmina that is woven is called ‘Pashm‘ It is the ultra-fine down of the Changra goat.

It is astoundingly soft .This Pure Cashmere wool is sold by the ounce weight just like Gold. Only 7 tons of PURE PASHMINA fiber is produced each year. The Goat is not killed or sheared for the Pashm ,but rather ,the Pashmina wool artisans have to collect the fine fibers once the animal rubs against a tree.

The shorter and coarser less inferior quality of this Pashm wool is often confused with the word Cashmere and is used normally as European Cashmere.

PURE PASHMINA that we sell is the beautiful Cashmere that has been loomed for generations and is the highest quality you will find to wear. Thus the rarity, beauty and exclusivity.

The beauty of all of MYSTIC MASALA’ s 100% Cashmere Pashmina is found in its sheen and drape. This all season fiber is light and airy but still very warm in colder climates.

Designer Scarf size is 27" x 80" . Limited and Exclusive Designer Shawl Size 40 x 80 is available only in Hand loomed Cashmere.

We also offer a limited quantity of Designer Hand Loomed and Hand Blocked Pashmina that comes in a blend of 50% Silk and 50% Cashmere.

NOTE : Color variations in the photographs may occur due to the nature of the "sheen" in Pashmina.

All of Mystic Masala’s pure KASHMIR PASHMINA comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

NOT ALL CASHMERE is pure Pashmina


Mystic Masala offers a huge selection of shawls for their customers. From the famous Jamawar inspired from Mughal designs to reversible. Price varies depending on the fiber content, hand loomed or hand assisted detail.

Our Women and Men’s shawls and stoles are priced for multiple budgets and extremely versatile for practically all seasons. Designer Shawl size is 40 “ x 80 ” and the designer stole size is 27" x 80"


All our shawls can take many weeks, months or years to make .These Artistic designs and skills have been handed down for generations .Certain families are experts in a particular type of hand done embroidery .Some of the famous embroidery are SOZNI, KANI, ZALAKDOSI AND PHULKARI . The most popular thread used is Resham silk on Merino wool or pure Kashmir Pashmina. Designer Shawl size is 40" x 80" . Most of our Hand Embroidered Shawls are created by Kashmir Artisans.


Contemporary and combination of Traditional colors and styles make these Art Scarves extremely beautiful to wear. A unique size of 27" x 80" makes these scarves larger than a normal traditional scarf yet smaller than a full shawl. This makes it ideal to wear as an off the shoulder wrap and easy to travel with. These scarves are carefully printed with unique combination of colors and designs in either, soft light, Feather weight "All" season 100% wool or a blend of 92 % wool and 8% silk. The Art shawls are available in limited quantity, size 40” x 80” and come in the same soft light, Feather weight "All" season 100% wool or a blend of 92 % wool and 8% silk. These ART scarves are incredible to drape in many different ways and the colors and patterns are vibrant, making them very unique.


Mystic Masala offers exquisite Beaded Scarves 27" x 80" for those special occasions. These Scarves are beaded with beautiful sequence and patterns on 100% "All" Season light wool. These Scarves are hand Beaded and embroidered with a variety of colors for every special moment in your life. These scarves can dress up any outfit!

NOTE : Color variations in the photographs may occur due to the nature of the "beads, sequence and embroidery" in these scarves.


Mystic Masala chooses unique scarves and stoles for Men and Women, for every day. Fiber content can vary from 100% light wool to organic Fiber blends. Careful selection of design element, textures and variety is available in this collection. These are perfect as gifts and for everyday wear and some scarves are available in limited quantity. Mystic Masala also offers the finest, high quality silk available from India. Our patterns, colors and designs are done by artists that take pride in their designs. Most of the Silk we use is Mulberry Silk. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk you can purchase. It is made from silkworms that are raised in captivity under exacting conditions. It is also the most expensive type of silk.

NOTE : Color variations in the photographs may occur due to the nature of the "sheen" in Silk.


Mystic Masala offers a beautiful selection of extra soft 100 % wool throws that come in a luxurious variety of rich Indian Royal patterns. These one of a kind throws are reversible and show two shades of color. Their ideal use is for decor, oversized throw or even as a bed blanket. The size is 56" x 82"


Many of our beautiful Fabrics are inspired by century old designs such as the JAMAWAR, PAISLEY and the BOTEH. Contemporary, Traditional motifs are constantly being used to create an amazing kaleidoscope of color, texture and patterns for everyday and special occasion use. Top Designers from India combine their amazing skills with keeping fashion trends in this constantly changing market of fiber art. The owners of Mystic Masala spend hours choosing, redesigning color palettes and work with individual artists to provide their customers a unique and special product. .Our designs and material quality is a critical part of our selection process.


Most of our SCARVES come in what we name as a STOLE SIZE which is 27" x 80" . Because this unique size is larger than a traditional scarf, it drapes beautifully and efficiently as a shoulder wrap.

Our SHAWL size is a full wrap which is 40” x 80” and can be elegantly worn over many outfits.